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Welcome to Olomagic

Olomagic Olomagic is an impressive and innovative product. Olomagic is a holographic display that generates three-dimensional images in space.

The display can be customized according to the needs of the company, at the same time we can  interact three-dimensional  images with real physical objects. Olomagic introduces a new dimension, a new way of marketing and communication, transmitting an impressive message to the consumer or spectator.

The Olomagic offers a variety of posibilities and can be used in retail establishments, conferences, shopping centres, museums, airports, events etc.      The Olomagic display is available for sale or rent.      Our team  will advise you, personalizing and adapting the product to your needs.  Not only creating the holographic images but there is also the possibility to incorporate logos and corporative colors.

Olomagic 180 degrees

olomagic 180 degrees

Olomagic 180 degrees.

      Olomagic 180 degrees is a revolutionary way to make publicity. The display can generate three-dimensional images in space. It has a simple and elegant design, this model generates a great visual impact on the spectator or consumer.
The holographic vision of 180º provides ample perspective of the product. Combining real physical objects with holographic 3d images.
Characteristics and technical details:
-Holographic vision 180º and resolution in Full HD.       -Possibility of combining physical products with holographic images.
-The content can be replaced with a USB harddrive.       -Adjustable illumination LED-RGB.